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                A Potter doesn't have to be a wizard to create absolute and utter wonders of magic. That too with clay!

                One of the rarest forms of pottery in the world, it doesn't use the potter's wheel but instead uses moulds and tools and the skilled hands of the artist to produce these creations.

                The Black Stone Pottery or also locally known as 'Longpi Hamlei', is found in the village of Longpi in Manipur. A sect of the Naga tribe, the Thangkhuls are the ones known to practise this form of pottery. The origins of this art came from their Goddess Panthoibi. She is the Mother of the Universe and is also attributed by the Thangkhul for being the creator all art making. Longpi pottery, therefore has a deeply ritualistic and religious meaning as it is not just used for daily use but for events such as marriage, childbirth and local festivals. Almost every family in Longpi has a member that is intimate with the art of Longpi Hamlei, known as black stone pottery in layman's terms. The creations of this craft are all handmade and have several unique properties. One of them is that its use is said to prevent morning sickness in pregnant women. Another interesting fact about Longpi pottery is that the craft if of royal descent as its creations could only be owned and used by the noble families of Manipur. Needless to say, the Maharajas of Manipur definitely has some taste!

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