Craftswoman of the Month



Breaking a traditional stereotype was difficult in those days when Rajiben began weaving. Back in the 1980’s, the social system prohibited females to weave or to go to school. The females were only allowed to maintain a decorum at household chores, and help male members as they needed. From the very beginning, Rajiben was a rebel. Trained by her father she began her first journey. She managed to go to a school and secured her preliminary education.

Unknown of her destiny Rajiben was left in distress when she lost her husband. A mother of three, Rajiben had no economic support. But she was strong and she was determined not to give up. She continued the struggle with great courage. Knowledge in weaving became her sword in the battle of survival. Her life took a turn when she decided to take it up again after moving to Awadhnagar with her sister. She worked day and night and ultimately conquering her pathos. She now is a founder member of recycled plastic weaving group and is also a member of an NGO in Kutch.

The story of Rajiben is inspiring as she conquered her woes with valour. Her life was difficult but she did not give up. She hoped for a better day and equally worked hard towards a better future. She has not only supported herself and her family, her ideas have now helped several other weavers in finding suitable jobs.



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